Do You Have a Plan B?

“If you express your intentions, the realization of those intentions will follow. Letting other people know your intentions also often leads to the arrival of required assistance from unexpected sources” (Masaru Emoto, 2001).

This quote from Masaru Emoto describes exactly what has happened to me in the last six months! It’s fascinating to know that my journey from unbelievable loss on June 17th to unbelievable gain after setting an intention isn’t rare at all. Similar situations have happened to people over and over again all throughout history in many contexts. I’m not blazing a new trail so I can sigh a breath of relief and find comfort in knowing that almost any challenging situation in which I’ve found myself, or will find myself, has been experienced by a total stranger who is somehow also a kindred spirit.

I’ve relied on my GRIT more times than I can count since launching Gritty Guru Company a few months ago. Although the path I am travelling is new to me, it is well-marked and defined by my commitment to my Plan A: accompanying others as they take the time to Know, Grow and Show their GRIT. Little did I know that stating my intentions to start my company out loud and sharing my vision with powerful people around me would make this journey a reality. One of my favourite parts of this adventure so far is that, by letting others around me know my intentions, I’ve been embraced by a community of my own Gritty Gurus who have brought valuable insights, hugs and inspiration to my travels.

I know each and every day there are so many decisions that you are likely working through. For the decisions that you’ve been contemplating, both big or small, are there a couple of steps on the path you can finally commit to and unleash the “required assistance from unexpected sources”?

Say your intention out loud, get on the path and let a Gritty Guru join you along the way to your destination. Yay for Plan A; no need for Plan B!