Do You See What I See?

Warning: This is the longest blog EVER because a conversation got me so excited and I still can’t hide it!

Alright….. Do you see what I see?

My entrepreneurial journey has been a somewhat fluid one so far. While the path ahead twists and turns, I try my best to pick up every life lesson available to me along the way. By doing this, I discovered my LOVE for teaching yoga in 2020.  Do you want to know something cool? GRIT (e.g., one’s default setting in the face of obstacles) and yoga go so well together. Better than I could have imagined, even better than pancakes and maple syrup!

When I started teaching yoga, I immediately saw the links between yoga and GRIT; my mind went crazy thinking of all the ways I can connect the two and build a series to share with all of you.  More on this to come, I promise, but here is a bit of foreshadowing!

I wanted to share with you a text conversation I had with an incredible person who gives and gives of her own time and energy but often takes care of her needs last. By the time she is ready to do something for herself, she is usually exhausted! Six months ago, she took important steps toward making more time for meeting her own needs. Whether or not she fully understood what she was doing, she was growing and showing her GRIT.

Here is the conversation which unfolded on a Sunday evening less than one week after she committed to practicing Baptiste Power Yoga twice a week with me. Her practice is still going strong, and I love how she is slowly starting to see and appreciate what was inside of her all along – a focused and powerful human who is throwing her GRIT down all over the place!

Yogi – I’m probably going to sit in front of the TV for the next couple of hours or so. Which three poses do you recommend for me to do?

Me – I recommend three mini-series because you’re stronger than you think. Start by stretching and warming up your wrists! Then, shift back and forth between High Plank and Downward-Facing Dog until your arms feel like Jell-O. Next, move into Table Top pose for a few breaths and repeat! Take Warrior 1 for five breaths, open to Warrior 2 for five breaths and then push/jump forward to Warrior 3 for five breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Yogi – Lol thanks friend! I’m gonna start with the wrists and see how far I get. Here I go to my mat!

Me – Slow and steady wins the race.

Yogi – Very true. Thank you for the words of wisdom.

Me – You’re most welcome! Thanks for being you!

Yogi – LOL Haze right now the wrists exercises are amazing.

Me – Perfect!

Yogi – Do I inhale in Downward Dog to dig my heels in deeper?

Me – Nope! Inhale to lift your hips up and back then exhale your heels down (or toward the ground if they don’t touch the floor). You can also exhale your chest closer to your thighs. That should feel better (like you’re melting on your exhale). You can also inhale some weight out of your wrists and exhale some weight into the knuckles of your thumbs/index fingers. And, of course, remember to inhale possibility then exhale doubt once in a while. You can also inhale faith in your abilities and exhale fear of your abilities.

Yogi – Got it inhale faith exhale fear. I’m listening to my body and there is a sore spot in my right bicep area. I went into child’s pose LOL. Sorry for bothering you with this. It must be a sign, just Downward Dog and Child’s pose tonight.

Me – Yesssss for Child’s pose! It’s always available to you and this is not a bother. That might be a growing pain because you’re using muscles that you’ve never used before. It will work itself out (become less sore and used to the work) once you build it up some more. You can also rock back and forth between Child’s pose and Table Top if that’s less intense. I love that you’re spontaneously busting out yoga moves after just one class.

Yogi – K I’ll do that. LOL I’m just sitting here watching the Emmys. Better to do something instead of sitting and eating.

Me – So true.

Yogi – I’m really looking forward to incorporating yoga into my life. 

Me – You’re already incorporating yoga into your life!!! When you were watching these awards last year, would you have imagined yourself doing spontaneous yoga this year while taking in the show?

Yogi – Heck no! I was probably eating wings.

Me – Exactly! The transition has taken effect and there will still be days when you choose wings or cookies above any form of movement. You just might crave fewer wings and cookies than you did before!

Yogi – LOL Haze! I’ve made the adjustments that you recommended. Gotta practice. Oh my! That would be the ultimate transformation!

Me – Just keep listening to your body and balancing out the work as much as possible. You can also engage your core even more because that helps make less work for your limbs. We tend to rely on our extremities but there are lots of core muscles available if we recruit them.

Yogi – I know with your guidance I’ll get there.

In July 2019, I started my business to help individuals know, grow and show their GRIT because it’s so exciting when people acknowledge the marvellousness residing inside them. I have the privilege of knowing so many people who do amazing things such as creating art (e.g., visual, music, dance), supporting others, teaching others, building things, serving their community and being true superhumans for those around them. Something interesting with a lot of these beautiful people is that, in light of their commitment to their families, friends and communities, many of them don’t realize how little they give to themselves. Helping a person to see that they can make space to support their needs while also meeting the needs of others is one of my favourite things to do.  As I continue to journey with others who want to know, grow and show their GRIT, I realize how blessed I am.

What is something in your life that you love doing and maybe you’re not prioritizing it or doing enough of it? Where in your life can you start doing a little bit more of it?