Mind the Gap!

On the first anniversary of growmygrit.com, I was grateful for a GRIT-ful year. Today is the second anniversary and I feel blessed that my company is still open for business! Although the pace is different than before, it’s still garnering an income and open to help people know, grow and show their GRIT. I feel blessed because I know that countless entrepreneurs around the world have had to shut their doors temporarily or for good after another year of lockdowns, losses and uncertainty.

As a small business owner, I have also struggled in many ways throughout 2021.  One thing that’s brought me comfort is the phrase “Mind the gap” (made famous by London’s subway/tube). I feel like that’s what I have been doing this year; I have been minding the gap in opportunities to provide my services as often as I had initially intended. My version of the phrase is slightly different, and I keep telling myself “Be mindful of the gap, it will get smaller.”

Ultimately, “Mind the gap” reminds me that my current situation is temporary. The consulting that I offer falls firmly into the Self-Actualization category in Maslow’s hierarchy of motivation.  I know that right now, for so many people, thoughts of self-discovery and self-exploration are not the priority because their Physiological Needs and Safety Needs are unstable or unfulfilled (e.g., shelter, food, health, financial security, emotional security). As we start to get our needs met on a regular basis once again, I know that my GRITizens will want to start exploring how to be the most that they can be.

This past year has been defined by a significant gap in consulting opportunities relative to where I thought I would be after two years in business. I imagined I would be connecting with GRITizens for at least 20 hours a week and doing regular GRIT workshops here and abroad. I know I will reach these business goals and will be minding the gap until I do. Just because I am minding the gap now doesn’t mean the gap will last forever. As restrictions are lifted and people move their way up Maslow’s pyramid, there will be more opportunities for you to know, grow and show your GRIT for the very first time or in different ways than you have already explored.

For me, part of minding the gap and clearing it is to take a leap of faith.  My leap of faith is that I can eventually provide services to you in a way that satisfies your hierarchy; I hope that we will be able to connect soon with a focus on thriving instead of surviving. I will keep my ears to the ground to hear what my current and potential GRITizens are saying would be helpful during this time.

Where are you in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? How can I help you work your way back up to Self-Actualization? Has GRIT helped you move within this hierarchy?