Group GRIT Workshops

Available for In-Person or Online

GRIT can provide a firm foundation for building stronger teams!

As the leader of any group, you can leverage your team’s strengths by accessing the individual and collective GRIT in your community. In addition, you can help the people who drive your organization to achieve a greater understanding of themselves and how they contribute to your overall impact.

Gritty Guru Company is ready to develop fully-customized workshops for your recruitment, onboarding, team-building and other initiatives.

Speaking Engagements

Haze’s unique approach to self-discovery and her fully-customizable presentations will transform the way participants approach and navigate obstacles. She is an engaging, encouraging and enthusiastic speaker whose messages will motivate listeners to contemplate incremental changes that will have a lasting impact.

If you would like to hire her to speak at one of your upcoming events, please connect with us to discuss possibilities and prices.