What’s GRIT Got to Do with It?

As we navigate this planet-wide pandemic, an important question we can consider each day is “What do I have to offer others?”

It’s easy to become introspective at times like this but that’s how we end up focusing on our fears, all the things we cannot do and how out-of-control most things are that were in our control only a few weeks, days or even hours ago. With never-ending access to information about all of the things that are beyond our control right now, it can be easy to lose sight of the simple gestures and the choices that are fully in our control. I know that it may sound counterintuitive when we’re bombarded with the terms “self-quarantine”, “social distancing” and “isolation”. However, there are times when the best thing we can do for our friends, family and community isn’t doing something with them directly; it’s keeping them in the centre of our hearts as well as our minds.

In order to support my friends, my family and my community, I commit to the following GRIT during this collective pause:

G is for give healing energy to those who are suffering physically, mentally or spiritually. I’m fortunate to be in good health so I can send love and strength to people I know as well as people I don’t know.

R is for recharge regularly. I can’t be a rock for others if my foundation is crumbling so I’m making time to do things I love each day with people I love. Shout out to Power Yoga Canada’s online community!

I is for illuminate any darkness I encounter by making space for it and investigating. Whether it be through a smile, a listening ear or encouraging words, I can offer a little bit of light in these dark and difficult times.

T is for tolerate uncertainty because it’s the only thing that’s certain in our world right now. Going back to the fact that so much of what’s happening is beyond our control, it’s critical to accept that we really can’t imagine what tomorrow will bring.

If you were to define your GRIT in the face of this unprecedented global transformation, what can you offer to your friends, your family and your community?