“Haze spoke about life opportunities as a buffet that we have the ability to choose from. I still think about this analogy whenever I feel overwhelmed or am unsure about my decisions. It gives me a sense of control and increases my curiosity, wanting to explore what is out there in the world without fear.

She also spoke about how I have all the answers within me already but sometimes need a new perspective or a bit of nudge. I find that empowering because it reminds me to trust myself. It also made me even more appreciative of our time together, because it showed how accepting and nurturing was as a mentor.

Lastly, she reminded me that the pursuit of my career is a pursuit of my dream. With all the many things I had to do to prepare for my grad applications, it was easy to forget that I was pursuing something bigger than just good GRE scores and a school’s acceptance. I think everyone should be reminded that they can dream as much as they want without fear of embarrassment or vulnerability, and that they can do it better with someone willing to listen.

There was so much more that I learned from her. I could write a book about it!

Thanks again for everything!!”

Helya S.