About GRIT

Haze Schepmyer, Life-Event Transition Consultant, invites you to shift from surviving to thriving when it’s time to navigate life events with GRIT (i.e., the strengths and resources you reliably bring in the face of obstacles).

Through her unique Know, Grow and Show your GRIT™ personal development programs, workshops and book, you can access the tools and coaching to help you approach challenging situations and relationships with renewed passion and purpose!

Haze Schepmyer

The main takeaways:

  • How do you define your GRIT?
  • Have you got enough GRIT?
  • How can your GRIT help you thrive on the other side of obstacles?

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Your Path to Personal Growth

When you book a Discovery Call, you will receive a copy of our GRIT Growth Guide© to complete before your free 15-minute consultation. There is no fee for the Discovery Call; the intent is to see if it’s the right time to grow your GRIT with Gritty Guru Company.

If the timing is right, you can purchase the Explorer, Seeker or Warrior package based upon your goals.

The Role of the Consultant

As you accelerate along the path, they may act as a speed bump to slow you to provide you with a broader perspective on the road to self-discovery.

Other times, your consultant will be your coach or your number one fan when you need the motivation to keep moving. These are just a few of the roles your consultant will adopt as you embrace and increase your GRIT.

To have the most significant impact on your efforts to grow your GRIT, our consultants will alternate roles as needed. For example, our consultants may be your sidekick or play the part of Devil’s Advocate. They may appear as your mirror image on some occasions or they may reflect a version of yourself which seems like a mirage off in the distance.

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