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Be ready and equipped to transition through life events with renewed passion and purpose!

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Becoming a grittier version of yourself relies on candid self-reflection as well as your ability to consider the opportunities that often come with challenges.

Many people understand that GRIT leads to growth, but they don’t always see the connection.

Others see the connection, but don’t have a plan to make it a reality.

As your partner in this process,
we are committed to helping you Know Your GRIT™, Grow Your GRIT™ and Show Your GRIT™

Grow My GRIT on VisibelleCEO

Check out Haze’s recent chat with Danielle Joworski the VisibelleCEO discussing how she pulls on her own experience of job loss to help others to “do hard things” and successfully transition through hard events in their lives.

Explore Your Strengths Within and Without

Obstacles such as Fear, Shame, Guilt, and Judgment do not have to be barriers to your life’s journey.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Partner with a consultant today and embark on the journey to Know Your GRIT™, Grow Your GRIT™, and Show Your GRIT™. Based on your current situation and desired outcome, you’ll choose among the paths for Explorers, Seekers, and Warriors.

About Haze

Haze Schepmyer, Facilitator and Speaker, invites you to explore and upgrade your default setting in the face of obstacles and challenging situations (i.e., your GRIT). Through her GRIT Growth Guide © and personal development programs, you can access the tools to approach challenging situations with renewed passion and purpose!

The Gritty Guru Releases Exciting New Guide On How To Navigate Any Obstacle In Her Innovative Book

Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT!

By: Henson Jones Media LLC

Know Grow and Show Cover

Know, Show and Grow Your GRIT Book Cover

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Contact us today to connect with a consultant and learn about ways to grow your GRIT. We proudly serve individuals in-person and online.

Find Your GRIT in Oakville, ON

Are you ready to explore your strengths as a person? Do you want to identify the positive attributes you have on the inside and the advantages you possess on the outside? Find your GRIT in Oakville, ON, with the consulting and coaching available through our multi-faceted program.

Anyone that answers yes to any of these questions should immediately book an appointment with a consultant with Gritty Guru Company. The time to Know Your GRIT™, Grow Your GRIT™, and Show Your GRIT™ has come. Our consulting model involves a review of the resources you possess and their collective value in overcoming the obstacles that lay in front of you.

If you’re ready to explore the strengths and attributes that reside in you, contact Gritty Guru Company to book a free orientation session.