Flow Your GRIT!

Workshops and one-to-one Yoga tuition

Are you ready to change your relationship with suffering on your yoga mat? Suffering when you practice may sound like these thoughts: What is wrong with my body? When is this pose going to end? What is the point of this pose?

Suffering when you practice may feel like these actions: clenching your jaw; holding your shoulders up near your ears; curling your toes under when you’re standing; grimacing with your whole face.

If these thoughts/actions are a regular but unwanted part of your yoga practice, let’s connect so we can:

  • explore what your yoga practice can teach you about your habits
  • discover how your GRIT can offer a new perspective to approach non-preferred poses with renewed passion and purpose
  • identify where else in your life you’re suffering and you can commit to move from your GRIT in response to challenging situations

To book a session or workshop, or to learn more, contact Haze at hello@growmygrit.com or 647-717-GRIT (4748)

Photo credit @livethelittlethings.ca

“Yoga has its roots in Indian thought, but its content is universal because it is about the means by which we can make the changes we desire in our lives. Yoga attempts to create a state in which we are always present – really present – in every action, every moment. When we are attentive to our actions, we are not prisoners to our habits; we do not need to do something today simply because we did it yesterday. Instead, there is the possibility of considering our actions fresh and so avoiding thoughtless repetition.”

T. K. V. Desikachar, The Heart of Yoga (1995).