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Dig a little deeper into GRIT with these reflective questions to consider:

Episode 47 Worksheet: GRIT Gets the Job Done!

Episode 46 Worksheet: Never Say Never When You’ve Got GRIT

Episode 45 Worksheet: Channel Your GRIT and Nail It!

Episode 44 Worksheet: Get Visibelle with GRIT

Episode 43 Worksheet: Forged by Fire and GRIT

Episode 42 Worksheet: GRIT takes two to tango!

Episode 41 Worksheet: GRIT Gets You in Gear!

Episode 40 Worksheet: Look Through the Lens of GRIT

Episode 39 Worksheet: WOW Them with GRIT

Episode 38 Worksheet: A Firm Foundation Needs GRIT

Episode 37 Worksheet: Grow Your GRIT, Then Commit!

Episode 36 Worksheet: This Iron Man is Fuelled by GRIT

Episode 35 Worksheet: Standing Strong in her Circles of GRIT

Episode 34 Worksheet: GRIT Unleashed and Unabashed!

Episode 33 Worksheet: Leila Lives, Learns and Leads from GRIT!

Episode 32 Worksheet: Heal Thyself with GRIT

Episode 31 Worksheet: Can a Mirror Help Students Hear Their Own Voices?

Episode 30 Worksheet: Making the Case for GRIT

Episode 29 Worksheet: Growing through Grief with GRIT

Episode 28 Worksheet: Who’s Got GRrrrrrrrrrIT?

Episode 27 Worksheet: Who Goes from Math Major to Music Maker?

Episode 26 Worksheet: How Can Mentoring Move Mountains?

Episode 25 Worksheet: Get Out of Your Own Way Today

Episode 24 Worksheet: Peter Drops the GRIT Mic

Episode 23 Worksheet: Filter It with GRIT!

Episode 22 Worksheet: Let your GRIT Guide You Home!

Episode 21 Worksheet: Go the Distance with GRIT!

Episode 20 Worksheet: Back to the Future with GRIT?

Episode 19 Worksheet: Creating a Safe Space for GRIT in the Classroom

Episode 18 Worksheet – Does GRIT Evolve?

Episode 17 Worksheet – What’s the Source of Your GRIT?

Episode 16 Worksheet – What’s the Best Way to Sow Your GRIT?

Episode 15 Worksheet – Can GRIT be the Springboard to Launch a Business?

Episode 14 Worksheet – Do Your GRIT Words Get Along?

Episode 13 Worksheet – Gauging the Good, the Bad and the Ugly with GRIT

Episode 12 Worksheet – Can You Grow Your Confidence by Growing Your GRIT?

Episode 11 Worksheet – Define Your GRIT and Redefine Your Identity!

Episode 10 Worksheet – Let Your Gut Be Your Guide to Your GRIT

Episode 09 Worksheet – Making Gains with GRIT

Episode 08 Worksheet – Going off-road with Offbeet Life

Episode 07 Worksheet – How Can Building Your Boundaries Help with Growing Your GRIT?

Episode 06 Worksheet – GRIT and Mental Health for Teenagers

Episode 05 Worksheet – Good Enough Can Be Great!

Episode 04 Worksheet – Working with GRIT

Episode 03 Worksheet – Choosing Your GRIT Words

Episode 02 Worksheet – COVID Compass

Episode 01 Worksheet – Introduction to the GRIT Compass


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