Find Yourself in the GRIT Grid!

For all GRIT Program Pathways you’ll be asked to define your GRIT in four specific words that make sense for your unique context.

Equipped with this understanding of the resources you already possess, you can navigate obstacles with renewed purpose and passion.

Begin by selecting (or adding your own) G, R, I, and T words below. Click on the speaker icons below to hear some Grains of GRIT taken from the audio book.

Grid Reservoir Iron Truce
Grid Iron Rank Incubation Theories
Gamble Respect I Totality
Guru Receptiveness Ideal Tesseract
Goodness Release Ideology Tapestry
Goods Rabble Rouser Introspection Thanks
Garden Raucous Initiatives Tank
Glimpse Rules Importance Train
Ghosts Risers Inner Guide Terminal
Girdle Right Hand (Man) Integration Twists
Get ‘er Done Reinforcers Ingredients Turns
Gumption Resourceful If-Then Tides
Ground Readiness Introduction Tidal Waves
Great(ness) Revival Ignite Treasures
Giving Riddle Initiate Tingle
Genuineness Reverence Inventions Tipping Point
Go Reference Innovation Tender
Giddy Up Receptivity Ingenuity Torque
Growth Potential Reassess Invitation Threshold
Guard Rejuvenation Image Tolerance
Galaxy Rights Infinity Tendencies
Guardian(s) Ropes Immensity Team
Gleam Risk (Taking) Interactions Trust
Gross Riches Interconnectedness Trail
Grey/Gray Ready Information Time
Goals Resolution Interests Truth
Give-in Renewable Resources Intelligence Tenacity
Groove Reflection Insights Transformation
Glow Relationships Ideas Thoughts
Go-To Relations Identity Temperature
Generosity Resistance Intensity Tackle
Groundedness Reason-ability Insides Temptation
Guidance Rhythm Integrity Turbulence
Guide Rechargers Individuality Tempted
Giggles Reality Intellect Transition
Gratitude Reserves Imagination Transfer
Grace Reasons Intention take (away)
Gifts Resonate Intuition Test
Guts Reach Inspiration Try
Glory Rest Input Timing
Game Resilience Intimate Tame
Grip Responsibility Influence Thunder
Gather Roots Instinct Tight Rope
Goofy Resolve Inhale Travels

Our GRIT Growth Guide provides the framework to establish personal goals and a variety of tools to approach obstacles.