The GRIT Workbook


This workbook is 40 pages of reflection questions, discussion topics and additional resources to help GRITizens gain new insights and perspectives one letter at a time.

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Next-Level Growth for GRITizens Ready to:

  • Feel increased confidence when moving from your GRIT
  • Create timelines to track and celebrate growth
  • Expand your understanding of your GRIT
  • Explore dozens of new opportunities to reflect on your GRIT
  • See your inner work create results in your life


What you will gain from this workbook:

  • A clear sense of who is on your GRIT team and how to maximize support from its members
  • Multiple opportunities to document and challenge any limiting beliefs related to your GRIT
  • Practical skills to develop and maintain boundaries in specific situations and relationships


Buy with the Grow My GRIT Book for just $24.95


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