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GRIT ViIlage 👋

Your personal portal, built to uncover your GRIT and build a resilient inner self! Join the community! 

Meet Haze - GRIT Village

How This Portal Works 😎

Each week we will send you a new training, where you will explore your GRIT words with fresh videos, exercises, and more!

As you work through the program, you will retain access to all of your previous training, giving you your own GRIT library!

Why We Love Our Portal…

Portals can sometimes be overwhelming, impersonal spaces! So for ours, we wanted to build something that feels deeply personal to you, something you wouldn’t want to be forced to share with a public community until you felt comfortable in your journey!

To complete the program in its entirety will take upwards a year. Don’t worry though, if you need to take a break, you can cancel your subscription and come back!

What We Know! 😁
Here in GRIT Village, we know that there is a lot of information on the internet about how to build resilience, GRIT and how to regulate emotionally. Those tips speak to a lot of people!Unfortunately, these strategies can be great in isolation but fall apart in real-life applications. That’s because taking action before understanding how our mind, body and spirit connect can unintentionally create a tug of war inside ourselves.

How We Help! 🚑
Rather than staying in a place of feeling “stuck” or “on hold” our GRIT Path helps you take each of the four phases one step at a time. If something overwhelming comes up, you can stay at that training until you are ready to move on!

How We Will Address The Gaps! 🤔
Each week you will be given three questions on the relationships and events in your life with a focus on:

  • Your INNER Knowing
  • Your INNER Circle
  • And your Community

By keeping a pulse on how these three layers of your life interact, we can slowly begin to apply techniques that will help you say, I know how to Grow and Show My GRIT!

Why A Year?! 😵
Change takes time! We’ve all heard it before! But what are you supposed to do in that time? No one can ever tell you where you are on your healing journey!

Our Four-Phase Program 👍

Follow your GRIT Path through our four-phase program to grow your GRIT and build an authentic future!

Phase One: Recovery

Recover from emotional distress through the GRIT community, mentorship, and skill development.

1 XP

Phase Two: Restoration

Reconnect with your inner knowing to restore your inner compass and reclaim your journey, your way.

1 XP

Phase Three: Renewal

Embrace your new momentum with tools and resources built to prepare you for obstacles on your path.

1 XP

Phase Four: Reframe

With guided exercises, discover how reframing your future with a sense of renewal can address challenges in advance.

1 XP

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