Would You Rather Be a Pirate or Join the Navy?

In some of the previous blogs, I’ve written about grit as a trait that can define a family or even a culture. Now, during these times of self-isolating and physical distancing, I’ve started to think about other moments in history where people were forced to face significant changes in their day-to-day routines with little or no notice. How did these people adapt or change? Who came out on top and survived the chaos of the times? As I thought about what I’d learned from some great history teachers, I came up with MANY instances where people were forced to dig deep and find a part of themselves that they likely didn’t even know existed. However, there is one group of gritty gurus that sticks out in my mind a bit more than the others. These people were able to survive and often thrive in times where each day looked totally different than … Read more