How is Your Balance Today?

In previous blogs, I have focused mainly on the ‘taking action’ side of things when I get people talking about their GRIT. What to do, how to do it and outcomes that might be possible after tackling an action. A friend just sent me this quote and I think it’s an important reminder of the opposite perspective; we need to balance effort and ease when we’re showing up for ourselves! Even before knowing about this quote, I have tried to remind myself of these exact messages on a regular basis. The quote is: You are resilient and need a break. You gave your all and need to back out. You are independent and still need others. You were sure and things changed. You are kind and have boundaries. Others have it worse and your pain is valid. You did your best and now you know more. I have a lot of nicknames and I’ll share them on the Grow My GRIT podcast someday! However, one of my … Read more