What’s Your Impossible Goal for 2020?

I’m so grateful to my friend from elementary school, “Let’s-Do-This Lyndsay”, for introducing me to Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School. Brooke and her team of Life Coaches offer more resources than I’ll ever be able to use! I started with the Entrepreneur courses because I still have so much to learn about running a business.   In the monthly challenge to students for December 2019, Brooke invited us to identify one impossible goal for 2020 and 100 worthy fails that we’ll make as we work toward the goal (e.g., 25 per quarter). I jumped at the opportunity to do just that and I actually set two impossible goals for 2020! I’ve also come up with my first 25 worthy fails which I think of as small steps that will keep me travelling in the general direction of the goal.  My first impossible goal is to deliver five workshops … Read more