I’m So Grateful for a GRIT-ful Year!

Exactly one year ago, I launched Gritty Guru Company with the intention of helping others embark on the journey to know, grow and show their GRIT. Happy first anniversary to me! I cannot believe that a full year has gone by and I cannot believe that my basket of blessings is still overflowing! This blog is all about naming and celebrating the biggest blessings of the last 12 months even though each blessing is cause for celebration and gratitude regardless of its size 🙂 Blessing #1 – People! Yes, you. I have always enjoyed meeting and getting to know gritty people and this year was no exception. I have met so many new people, reconnected with other people and seen new sides of some familiar people. Before starting my business, I regularly supported GRIT grow-ers, know-ers and show-ers in many contexts without using any specific term for what I was doing. I really … Read more