It’s Time to Channel GRIT

Way back in March, I thought about creating a YouTube channel to store the Grains of GRIT I sprinkled all over the internet while promoting my new audio book. The idea lost steam by April because I wasn’t sure how on earth I could use another online platform to complement, not copy, my existing profiles ( Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn ) 🤦🏾‍♀️. Well, just a few weeks ago, I had a couple of friends point out that YouTube is a natural way to connect with people who spend a lot of time online and will feel right at home in GRIT Village 💡. So, I’ve officially entered into another chapter of my unbelievable, unlikely journey toward helping people know, grow and show their GRIT online. Who knew 🤔??? My intention for the YouTube channel is to share 5-minute stories that highlight the kinds of transitions that GRITizens are navigating when … Read more

How Did I Get Here? Do You Want to Join Me?

Almost a year ago, I shared that my biggest struggle was figuring out how to increase my online presence and those efforts eventually led to a completely unexpected pivot for my business. Three months ago, I went even further along the virtual path than I could have ever imagined and I launched GRIT Village. It’s a safe, online platform designed for people who want to work in their own space at their own pace as they navigate life’s obstacles with GRIT. Are you ready to join me? As a member of GRIT Village, you’ll have access to a powerful, four-phase program designed to unlock your GRIT and shape your authentic future. The four phases capture the major milestones as we journey to the other side of challenging situations or relationships. Phase One: Recovery Here, you’ll find supports to help you navigate emotional suffering, you’ll experience a sense of community through mentorship … Read more

Grains of GRIT – Is There a Method to the Way I Approach Obstacles?

A fifty-something young Christian woman who loves NATURE, animals, and being outside. She is a Christian who is married and has 2 wonderful boys. Faith and family are what guide her life. KNOW – I define my GRIT as Gather (info), Respond, Intention and Trust. I changed my words zero times because they came to me quickly and the ones I chose first were perfect for me! It took me 2-3 minutes, if that, to come up with them and I didn’t need to check-in with anyone. Honestly, I thought it would take some time to consider various words that would represent my GRIT. On a scale of 1 (not easy) to 10 (very easy), I chose 6 for perceived ease of selection. I didn’t think the words would come quickly or easily. I thought it would be somewhat challenging to determine the G, R, I and T words that … Read more