13.02.24 – Webinar: Why Does It Feel So Good to be Bad?

Our very own Haze Schepmyer will be guest moderating this online discussion with Paul Bloom, Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Toronto.

Hosted by UTM Alumni Relations

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024 
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM EST
Live Online via Zoom and Streaming On Demand

We occasionally act in ways that are wrong—morally or otherwise—at least partially because of the wrongness, like when we break a rule just for the sake of breaking it. And why does someone telling us not to do something sometimes make us want to do it even more?

In this webinar, Professor Paul Bloom will explore theories of such perverse actions, including failures of thought suppression, singling, strategic behaviour, expressions of autonomy, and “hopeful monsters.” He’ll also share some interesting things that the study of perverse actions can tell us about human nature.

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