What’s Your Impossible Goal for 2020?

I’m so grateful to my friend from elementary school, “Let’s-Do-This Lyndsay”, for introducing me to Brooke Castillo and The Life Coach School. Brooke and her team of Life Coaches offer more resources than I’ll ever be able to use! I started with the Entrepreneur courses because I still have so much to learn about running a business.  

In the monthly challenge to students for December 2019, Brooke invited us to identify one impossible goal for 2020 and 100 worthy fails that we’ll make as we work toward the goal (e.g., 25 per quarter). I jumped at the opportunity to do just that and I actually set two impossible goals for 2020! I’ve also come up with my first 25 worthy fails which I think of as small steps that will keep me travelling in the general direction of the goal. 

My first impossible goal is to deliver five workshops on GRIT in Europe this year. I love travelling to Europe and Finland is the GRIT capital of the world, so it seems like a great place to cultivate more conversations! My second impossible goal is to secure a book deal in 2020. Steve Kamb, a favourite author of mine, wrote an inspiring book called Level Up Your Life. Similar to what he did, I’d like to publish my framework and make it available to as many people as possible. Equally important, I want to use my book as a platform for celebrating the range of my family, friends and clients who made the journey to know, grow and show their GRIT in 2020.   

I’ve always thought of my own GRIT as my default setting in the face of existing obstacles. However, as a direct result of Brooke’s December challenge, I’ve been reflecting on the future-oriented element to my GRIT. So, how will my GRIT allow me to deliver workshops in Europe and get a book deal here in North America?

(G)ratitude – I’m so grateful for existing models/templates on how to write books!

(R)esilience – I’m expecting a lot of rejection letters right from the start as well as some non-responses from publishers, but I’ll learn as much as possible along the way! 

(I)magination – I’ll be putting a lot of thought into creative ways that I can curate the stories people share with me!

(T)ime – I’m setting up dedicated “book blocks” each week to re-learn as much as possible about the publication process before jumping in!

I know I have said it before, but I will say it again: my basket of business blessings is overflowing; every possible resource I need to continue along my entrepreneurial path keeps showing up at the most ideal time. As I make my way toward my impossible goals with many worthy fails along the way, I’m going to do my absolute best to stay the course! 

What do you think could be your impossible goal for 2020 and how will your GRIT help get you there?