I’m So Grateful for a GRIT-ful Year!

Exactly one year ago, I launched Gritty Guru Company with the intention of helping others embark on the journey to know, grow and show their GRIT. Happy first anniversary to me! I cannot believe that a full year has gone by and I cannot believe that my basket of blessings is still overflowing! This blog is all about naming and celebrating the biggest blessings of the last 12 months even though each blessing is cause for celebration and gratitude regardless of its size 🙂

Blessing #1 – People! Yes, you. I have always enjoyed meeting and getting to know gritty people and this year was no exception. I have met so many new people, reconnected with other people and seen new sides of some familiar people. Before starting my business, I regularly supported GRIT grow-ers, know-ers and show-ers in many contexts without using any specific term for what I was doing. I really love the chance to help others articulate their awesomeness and manifest their magnificence! Over this past year, I have had the absolute pleasure of journeying alongside some seriously Gritty Gurus. Thank you so much for inviting me on your journey to see and feel all of your gritty goodness!

Blessing #2 – Yoga! It’s very easy for people who know me to see why yoga is one of my top three blessings in the last year! I have done about 350 hours of yoga in the last 12 months because time on my mat continually provides me with the opportunity to know, grow and show my own GRIT. This past July, I was nominated for a diversity scholarship to attend teacher training hosted by the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. Had you asked me 6 months ago if I was ever planning to be a yoga teacher, my answer would have been a firm “NO”! Not because I didn’t think I could do it, but because I didn’t want to know what the teachers know! I completed the six-day ‘Digital Level One: Journey Into Power’ teacher training on August 6th and I’ve already taught 49 hours of classes. Next comes teacher training with Power Yoga Canada in early 2021 thanks to another diversity scholarship. No one is more surprised than I am by all of this! However, the fit with grit is soooooo natural that I’m developing a yoga workshop for people to know, grow, show and flow their GRIT 🙂

Blessing #3 – 2020! Wait, what?!? 2020… a blessing?! In some ways, yes. It’s true that the harsh reality of COVID-19 and its devastating effects around the world are beyond comprehension. I do not want to minimize the suffering and pain that people have felt due to contracting the disease, losing loved ones to it and living with more restrictions than any of us imagined. In the face of all this loss and uncertainty, I am constantly amazed that so many people, knowingly or not, have planted their feet in the ground and found some grit to persevere through this year of extraordinarily difficult circumstances. This year has forced us to do almost everything differently than we did in the past. I’m inspired by how many people have taken the time to get to know themselves and make shifts that may not have even been feasible a year ago!

Putting it all together…

365 days + 350 hours of yoga + 18 online GRIT workshops + 15 blogs = 100,000,000 times that my heart has almost exploded with joy from the blessings I have received!

If you’re ready to join me and many others on the journey of knowing, growing and showing our GRIT, send me a message (@growmygrit on Instagram or Facebook). I can say from repeated experience that the adventure often takes you where you least expect to go and your GRIT will help you navigate the way.