How Slow Can You Go?

Albert Einstein once said, “time flies when you’re having fun” and it’s completely true. It’s been FIVE months since the post about my New Year’s resolution to embrace online marketing for my book and I’m delighted to report that I’ve taken some steps along this seemingly 1000-mile journey! To be completely transparent, the fun I had wasn’t necessarily related to my resolution and I’ll share more about that in another blog 🤪. Apparently, I’m a good procrastinator for all things online and social media. So, to answer my question truthfully, one step at a time is how slow I can go. That translates into about one task per month for me but… “Forward is forward no matter the speed” – Anonymous.  So, a bit on my progress so far…… In February, I read through hundreds of book club descriptions to figure out which ones I should contact when the time is right. Going … Read more

Workshop: Expand Your Edge

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What’s Reinforcing Your Resolution?

I can’t think of the last time I made a resolution at the start of a new year but I decided to create one and adopt it for 2022. My resolution will help me to start growing the area of my business that I’ve neglected since launching my company. This year, I’m ready to raise the bar! So, what’s my resolution for 2022???  It’s to embrace and excel at online marketing 😬 Anyone who knows me understands that this might be one of the hardest things I’ve asked myself to do in a very long time. So, it looks like I’ll be relying on my GRIT again and we’ll see how I do over the next 11 months! Maintaining my resolution will be hard but I’ve come up with a resolution-reinforcing reminder that I can recall and recite to help guide me along the way. My reminder is actually a combination of two … Read more

Mind the Gap!

On the first anniversary of, I was grateful for a GRIT-ful year. Today is the second anniversary and I feel blessed that my company is still open for business! Although the pace is different than before, it’s still garnering an income and open to help people know, grow and show their GRIT. I feel blessed because I know that countless entrepreneurs around the world have had to shut their doors temporarily or for good after another year of lockdowns, losses and uncertainty. As a small business owner, I have also struggled in many ways throughout 2021.  One thing that’s brought me comfort is the phrase “Mind the gap” (made famous by London’s subway/tube). I feel like that’s what I have been doing this year; I have been minding the gap in opportunities to provide my services as often as I had initially intended. My version of the phrase is slightly … Read more

Perspective is Everything!

Joni Eareckson Tada coined the familiar quote “perspective is everything…when you are experiencing the challenges of life”. Many inspirational speakers, great authors and everyday people across the ages have talked and written passionately about perspective including Maya Angelou, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali, Booker T. Washington, Marcus Aurelius and Ernest Hemingway. So, what is it and why is it so important?  Perspective is essentially the way we see something; it’s how we take in, process and hold information as it’s constantly shifting or changing. Each person on this earth will view a situation differently even if that difference is subtle. Ultimately, what we perceive and what we think affects the way we feel and there’s always more than one perspective! Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally renowned author and speaker in the field of self-development, said “If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change”. Changing perspective is … Read more