How Slow Can You Go?

Albert Einstein once said, “time flies when you’re having fun” and it’s completely true. It’s been FIVE months since the post about my New Year’s resolution to embrace online marketing for my book and I’m delighted to report that I’ve taken some steps along this seemingly 1000-mile journey! To be completely transparent, the fun I had wasn’t necessarily related to my resolution and I’ll share more about that in another blog 🤪. Apparently, I’m a good procrastinator for all things online and social media.

So, to answer my question truthfully, one step at a time is how slow I can go. That translates into about one task per month for me but… “Forward is forward no matter the speed” – Anonymous. 

So, a bit on my progress so far……

In February, I read through hundreds of book club descriptions to figure out which ones I should contact when the time is right. Going through the list was an important first step for me to show myself my willingness to spend time online to promote my work online 👍🏾.

In March, I attended an online mini-marketing workshop hosted by Publish and Promote. I discovered several websites that are accepting applications from authors like me who would love to be interviewed! I also learned that it’s important to have some reviews online before booking interviews or asking to be featured in blogs. Segue to April’s task….

In April, I purchased the Express Review package from Readers’ Favorite and received five insightful, thorough reviews of my book. Then, for a bonus task, I shared the reviews on social media! Yes, I’m counting that as a separate task because there’s so much value in celebrating the small victories; they really do add up 🎉. 

The full reviews are one click away and here are some highlights:

“This book represents an excellent approach to self-help by showcasing the skills a person needs to look within themselves and define the talents they already have.” K.C.F

 “The GRIT compass is a fun, eye-opening exercise that helped me identify the qualities and resources which I draw upon when facing challenges.” E.W.

 “…unlike many other self-help growth guides, the words that flesh out the [GRIT] acronym are filled in by the individual themselves. This is the first time I have ever read a book where a reader is tasked with this, but it makes absolute sense.” A.S.

“Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! is a sort of supportive community with friends who make you feel like you’re not alone, with their captivating and enlightening stories.” F.F

 “As far as self-help guidebooks go, Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! is one of the most accessible motivational books I’ve ever read.” P.D.

In May, I joined A Beautiful Life Magazine’s network of coaches and practitioners. This is the biggest, boldest and most exciting step on my journey to embrace online marketing; details to come!

Now that I’ve taken a few steps toward my resolution, it’s a bit easier for me to see how much farther I must go to embrace and excel at online marketing. If you’re like me, there’s a tendency to forget how hard each step was to achieve after it’s been completed and my focus always shifts to what’s next. Instead, I’m stopping to celebrate the little successes in the early stages of this long journey.  “There is no one GIANT step that does it. It’s a lot of little steps.” Marco Moeschter

What’s the slowest journey you’ve been on and where is it taking you?What are you stepping toward? What are you stepping away from?