How Do I Define My GRIT?

An important prequel to the origin story is the answer to the question, “How does haze define her GRIT?”

So I thought it would be helpful for me to describe my own GRIT as an example and as a way for you to get to know more about me! I love to play with words, so I tried to find G, R, I and T words that reflect my default setting when things get tough for me. I want to acknowledge that everyone’s version of tough is different; I understand that the challenges people face will vary in complexity and intensity. I’d say that most of the obstacles and challenges I have faced so far are setbacks, detours or full-out roadblocks that I have chosen to navigate.

Using the example of losing what I thought was the best job ever this past June, here’s how I define my GRIT.

My G is for GRATITUDE because my brain reliably sees how things could be so much worse in the face of bad news, loss or a tough situation. When we got the news about our jobs being cut, my first thoughts were: (i) I’m grateful for three months’ notice because some people get walked out or locked out when they lose their jobs; (ii) I’m grateful that I’m the only person in my organization with my job title because I’m not going to be competing with dozens of friends and colleagues for a new job; (iii) I’m grateful that I’m getting a severance package which recognizes my 14 years of service to the organization and I can work right up until September to finish all of my projects on-the-go.

My R is for RESILIENCE because I tend to keep sight of the surface when the flood waters of change start gushing and rushing. My brain is also quick to come up with explanations for tough situations that allow me not to take things personally. When the news came about the cuts, I realized that I’d be losing what I thought was the best job ever. However, as I was the only person in my role, I wasn’t left wondering why I was losing my job while some of my other colleagues weren’t. I believe in abundance and so I figured that there must be another best job ever out there for me and I’d just have to find it. Little did I know I’d be the one to create my next best job ever! Another thought that crossed my mind was that my brain had been my most important resource on-the-job and it was coming with me, so all would be well in the end.

My I is for IMAGINATION because, whether I like it or not, I imagine scenarios to infinity and beyond. By sifting through those scenarios, I can identify how things might be different and imagine which path will get me closer to where I want to be.

My T is for TIME which I’m very aware is a finite resource. I want to honour all of the feelings that come my way (happy, sad, ecstatic, frustrated, awestruck, disappointed, energized, embarrassed, stoked) but I try to remind myself that any time spent in a negative mindset is cutting into the time I could be spending in a positive place. When things are getting tough for me, I sometimes set myself a time limit. This means I can feel sorry for myself and sulk for two or three more hours and then I’ll focus on the next part of my day.

Feel, heal then deal with what’s real (i.e., what’s happening outside of your mind)!

This is my GRIT, what’s yours?