What Constitutes GRIT Lit?

When it comes to making a list of literature that has helped me grow my GRIT recently, I think two fun names are “GRIT Lit” or “GRIT-erature”. I told you I LOVE playing with words!!! I usually use the first title because the second one is surprisingly hard to say. Here is a list of my top six books listed in alphabetical order because I really can’t rank them. It would be like comparing six different types of fruits (not just apples and oranges). I’ll feature each one in an upcoming Blog, but I really wanted to share the titles with you!

There are also some poems that I think of as great GRIT Lit.

My favourite long poem for growing grit is The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. I love talking to people about which verse resonates most with them!

My favourite short poem for growing grit is Who Has Seen the Wind by Christina Rossetti. For me, the wind is Nature’s friendly reminder that this too shall pass!

I love reading physical books; I have a serious Chapters-Indigo addiction and I’d gladly live in a library for an extended period of time if I was allowed! I know that at some point in the future, when the print on the paper appears smaller and fuzzier than it used to, I may need to abandon my print copies. I’ll dust off my Kobo, recharge it and place the font on extra large.  Or perhaps when my eyes fail me altogether,  I’ll get a subscription to an audio book club so that others can do the reading for me. One thing for sure is that I will always have a book in my hands, in my bag or on a list ready to read!!  Options, options, options and so glad to have them available to me!

Which books are helping you to know your GRIT, grow your GRIT or show your GRIT?