Grains of GRIT – What Came to Light as I Chose My GRIT words?

Mother, Sister, Daughter, Partner Teacher, Friend. Lover of Drake and old-school Hip Hop. Lover of animals. I will build and operate an animal shelter as my next adventure. Lover of adventure to travel…I will see the world!

I define my GRIT as my “why”. Why I do what I do… even if it’s difficult. Even after a great deal of introspection… Giving, Respect, Integrity and Tenacity… THESE ARE MY WORDS!

I am a total giver. I get the most joy when I am in a position of giving and I love to give to others emotionally, physically and even materially. Respect is everything to me. I am a first-generation Canadian and I have been raised as a Roman Catholic. Very early in my life I was taught that respect was everything. Honouring and respecting people, their traditions, family, and culture. It is all I know. Integrity is my mantra. I NEVER, EVER lie. I cannot. And the biggest offence I can receive is to be lied to. This way of being has often resulted in conflict for me. It’s a very high standard that I hold myself and others to. If I am outside of integrity it “eats me up” and when someone is not being integral with me… I “can’t fake it”. Tenacity is important too. I do not give up on the people or things that are important to me. No matter how difficult… I never give up.

On a scale of 1 (not easy) to 10 (very easy), 10 is my number for both perceived and actual ease of selecting my GRIT. I was actually amazed at how easy it was to choose my words. It was as if they literally jumped off the page and they were all I could see. I did not change my combination of words even once because the choice of words was easy. I did not check-in with anyone about my words and, even after the above awareness, I love my words I don’t want to change them.

What came to light about my understanding of myself as I chose these words was interesting. Although the words are powerful and these words put into play should conceivably result in a powerful way of being, I also realized how living as I do can often be a burden, actually cause me pain. As a giver, I often have a difficult time asking for what I need. I say “yes,yes, yes” then often feel exhausted and spent. Then I can lash out at those I love and complain that I am not appreciated or supported.

Excerpts from Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! Self-Discovery Made Simple (pg. 32-34)

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