How Did I Get Here? Do You Want to Join Me?

Almost a year ago, I shared that my biggest struggle was figuring out how to increase my online presence and those efforts eventually led to a completely unexpected pivot for my business. Three months ago, I went even further along the virtual path than I could have ever imagined and I launched GRIT Village. It’s a safe, online platform designed for people who want to work in their own space at their own pace as they navigate life’s obstacles with GRIT.

Are you ready to join me? As a member of GRIT Village, you’ll have access to a powerful, four-phase program designed to unlock your GRIT and shape your authentic future. The four phases capture the major milestones as we journey to the other side of challenging situations or relationships.

Phase One: Recovery
Here, you’ll find supports to help you navigate emotional suffering, you’ll experience a sense of community through mentorship and you’ll have many opportunities to define, then refine, your skills for resilience.

Phase Two: Restoration
Here, you’ll rediscover your inner knowing and realign your inner compass to reclaim your unique path back home to your authentic self.

Phase Three: Renewal
Here, you’ll embrace your new-found momentum and equip yourself with tools and resources to navigate new obstacles that may arise along your path to growth.

Phase Four: Reframe
Here, you’ll use guided exercises to discover the art of reframing your future with a renewed sense of purpose, enabling you to be proactive when it’s time to address challenges in the future.

Take a tour of GRIT Village today and use code GRIT2023 for 100% off any of the subscriptions.

Am I way outside of my comfort zone or am I still inside of it but the edges of my comfort zone have expanded in ways that I didn’t know was possible 🤔? Where are you exploring the edges of your comfort zone?

Do you recognize my business? I certainly DO NOT! My definition of innovative online adventure keeps evolving and I can’t even imagine what’s next!!