It’s Time to Channel GRIT

Way back in March, I thought about creating a YouTube channel to store the Grains of GRIT I sprinkled all over the internet while promoting my new audio book. The idea lost steam by April because I wasn’t sure how on earth I could use another online platform to complement, not copy, my existing profiles ( Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn ) 🤦🏾‍♀️.

Well, just a few weeks ago, I had a couple of friends point out that YouTube is a natural way to connect with people who spend a lot of time online and will feel right at home in GRIT Village 💡. So, I’ve officially entered into another chapter of my unbelievable, unlikely journey toward helping people know, grow and show their GRIT online. Who knew 🤔???

My intention for the YouTube channel is to share 5-minute stories that highlight the kinds of transitions that GRITizens are navigating when I meet them and how they thrive on the other side after time spent in one-to-one sessions, workshops or GRIT Village. Specifically, I’ll share the kinds of struggles that GRITizens are facing as well as the successes they’ve experienced when they approach challenging situations and relationships with GRIT.

Am I ready? I don’t think so! However, I can see that it’s time to channel my own GRIT and bring this GRIT channel to life 📺. Stay tuned!

I’m going to post on October 31st for my 4th anniversary and then it will be radio silence until the new year as I get into the groove of hosting a YouTube channel.

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